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The HERS Certification of your new AC system may seem an inconvenience. What the California Energy Commission data shows is the typical homes air ducts leak 30% on average. This is a significant waste of energy when you consider the number of homes in California.  The AC system installer must also seal the register boots to the walls. By testing as fixing any leaks that are accessible the homeowner will save money on their heating and cooling bills.

The process the homeowner should expect:

  • Once the AC System installation is complete the installer company will set up an appointment with the homeowner to have the HERS Rater come out for testing.
  • The HERS Rater will need one to two hours to perform the tests.
  • The Rater will typically test for duct leakage and refrigerant charge.
  • Duct leakage testing requires the tester to cover all registers and pressurize the system and measure leakage (we will need access to every room for covering the registers).
  • The refrigerant charge test also includes measuring air flow.

These test will insure your system is installed properly and giving you the best performance based on the design of the house.

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